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Wooden doors with side or toplights

We produce in the following versions:

  • Fire-resistant, fire-resistant
  • Fire resistance: EW 15, 30 DP3, EI 15, 30, 45 DP3

Fire-rated timber wall is a widely used, though technically incorrect, name for a door assembly with side or top fixed glazed skylights. Doors can be glazed or solid, single or double leaf. For side or top glazing (skylights), it must always be of a fixed, i.e. non-opening design - whether it is rectangular, arched or trapezoidal.

In technical terms, the above assemblies are correctly called fire dampers, as are the doors themselves.

According to ČSN, the opening part of the product + its 1.5 times is considered to be a fire cap. The remaining part of the product exceeding this area must already be a fire wall (correct terminology according to PBS) with 1 degree higher fire resistance. By increasing the door passage and thus its area - e.g. from designed single-leaf to double-leaf - it is quite often possible to achieve that the product gets from the category of fire closure/fire wall only to the requirement for fire closure, which brings considerable financial savings.


Many years of experience in the manufacture and installation of fire walls can be proven by our many satisfied customers.

We have received many thanks for the reliable execution of orders within the agreed deadlines. Our experience in the manufacture and installation of fire windows, the quality of the products and the work performed can be proven by a number of reference buildings.

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