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Fire-resistant replicas of doors and door frames

We produce whis type of door and door frames replicas:

  • Replicas of doors, door frames and glassed fireproof walls – we will make copy of it in same design as other non fireproof doors in object.
  • Replicas of any doors, door frames and glassed walls without fire resistance.

Thanks to our long-time experiences in custom-made joinery and craftsmanship of carpenters, we are able to supply the most accurate replicas of historic doors and door sets in both fire and non-fire designs.

Fireproof replicas of existing doors are always specific and the result of compromise between requirements of architect and realistic possibility or replicating with respect to cahracteristics and design of the tested fire doors. In the most cases of replication of historic doors, the wings are fitted with a box lock and forged curtains which are not usable for fire resistant replicas. Due to this unusable fittings the solution is use of TRIO hinges with black sleeves supplemented on the wing as a part of original forged hinges. As well the locks are replaced with fire resistant FAB insert and old box lock stay only as visual element without functionality.

In general, it is advisable to deal with any replica contract with a time ahead before the scheduled date of implementation. Almost every time deign details are found and their solution or production will take longer than new machine-made elements.


Many years of experience with the production and installation of fire doors can be proven by many our satisfied customers.

We have received many thanks for the realization of orders in the agreed deadlines. Our experience with the production and installation of fireproof doors and product quality can be documented by a number of reference buildings.

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