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Fire windows with Grenamat construction

We produce fire windows with Grenamat construction with this fire protection:

  • Fire resistant, fire defending
  • Fire resistance level: EW 15, 30, 45, 60 DP1, EI 15, 30, 45 DP1, EI 45, 60 DP3
  • Made with fixed construction or with opening for service maintenance

Fireproof windows from grenamat construction we have approved only as fixed without any possibility of the lift or opening system in the implementation from 15 to 60 minutes. Inner windows are fitted with simple fireproof glass of 7 mm thickness – for EW 15, 30 up to 28 mm thickness for EW, EI 60.

Outdoor windows are now filled with fireproof double-layered glass with U = 1,1 – for the customer wishes we can fill the windows with fireproof triple-layered glass with U = 0,8.

Sandwich construction is made from fireproof material Grenamat with coating from hard-flammable water resistant plywood. In the case of Indoor windows, this construction can be delivered with HPL 0,8 mm coloured finish.

Fitting windows into a construction hole is made with fireproof foam with flammability rating B1 (DP1).


Many years of experience with the production and installation of fireproof windows can be proven by many our satisfied customers.

We have received many thanks for the realization of orders in the agreed deadlines. Our experience with the production and installation of fireproof windows and product quality can be documented by a number of reference buildings.

Fire window examples

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